• The Online Shopping Network - presents the future of product marketing Introducing the first Internet TV shopping platform that showcases and brands products and services live online and then sends the shoppers directly to the product owner's website 24/7. Founded by award-winning director, producer and expert in the infomercial and electronic marketing industries, Randy Kolker. We know how lucrative the home shopping platform is, how the industry works and how to capture the product owner's story and products live in our online studio – to inform, entertain and drive the audience (Retailers, Distributors, Shoppers and Customers) to the product owner's website.


  • Low cost of entry! Average cost of entry to a shopping channel is anywhere from $30,000 and up!
  • Top Tier Studio and award winning production staff! Our Founder is recognized for holding top ranking positions in the Direct Response market and has produced long-running infomercials with extremely high success rates.
  • No Inventory!You set the pace of your sales volume! THE ONLINE SHOPPING NETWORK.COM sends the customer directly to your website which means Higher Profit Margins – No Middle Man – No Agent – No Additional Mark-ups!You, the product owner, keep all the profits!
  • Branding! Get seen!Your product will BE SEEN on an international platform and viewed by consumers and buyers alike.
  • Access to buyers! THE ONLINE SHOPPING NETWORK.COM is in contact with buyers from every facet of retail such as Home Shopping, Mass Market and Direct Response looking for their next big HIT!!
  • Search Engine Optimization! Ride the wave of marketing! Increase web visibility from the thousands of marketing dollars RKSN.COM has allocated to drive shoppers to view your products and services.
  • Library Membership! For a nominal monthly fee, online destination shoppers can pull up your showcase anytime any hour and go directly to your site to make their purchases 24/7.
  • Resource Center! An interactive top tier a-z marketing guide to help grow the members business!Member can take advantage of THE ONLINE SHOPPING NETWORK.COM'S relationships and resources including access to marketing gurus, sales reps, manufacturers and potential investors.
  • Referral Program! 1 Additional Month added to Your Package FREE for every referral who becomes a Member of RK SHOPPING NETWORK.COM. Once you become a member, you can reap the rewards of sharing this amazing opportunity with friends and contacts!